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Do you remember meeting your significant other for the first time? Do you recall the feelings you experienced early in your dating relationship? What about talking on the phone about everything and nothing for hours? What happened to those feelings? When did the fun stop?

As the days and weeks have passed, you have realized the person you love is the source of frustration and anger. Talking about simple subjects is difficult and you're tired of compromising.

Are you the only one compromising? Does it seem like arguments last longer? Have you stopped arguing and stopped talking? When is the last time you enjoyed sexual intimacy? Is the stress of your relationship negatively impacting your health, other relationships, or your work performance?

In Couples Counseling, we will explore the beliefs and behaviors that support the conflict and diminish your bliss. If you desire to maintain the relationship, we will review ways to rebuild emotional and physical intimacy and actively tune into each other. 

You've taken the first step; anything is possible with work and commitment.


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