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We offer group counseling and classes focusing on a variety of topics such as trust, stress, anxiety, depression, boundaries, social skills, self-care, intimacy, grief, work-home life, parenting, healthy relationships, and many more topics. In Group Counseling, you will explore the experiences of your life with others having similar struggles. The topics are published months in advance. 


Group fees are $30 for advance registration and $45 the day of the class.

Groups are held in the Plano location on Tuesdays, with a couple of exceptions.


Pre-registration is required so we can plan for supplies and beverages.


5 Boundaries You Need to Put In Place Today

Do you struggle with saying no? How often do you agree to do things for others and wished you had said no? Do people know more about your life than you'd like? Learn ways to put boundaries in place to improve your relationships.


I Miss My Loved One! I Wish They were Here.

Do the holidays make you sad? Who are you missing? Learn ways to survive the holidays without your loved one.


Are You the “Right” Person for the Person You’re Dating?

Are you the person, the person you want to marry is dreaming about?  Do you have behaviors you question? Learn mindfulness exercise you can do anywhere to help control your emotional responseesto others.


What’s in Your Suitcase?

What lessons did you learn from your parents? What are some behaviors you refuse to repeat that you observed? What do you want to do differently? Learn how to stop those behaviors (and you know the ones).


Celebrating the Holidays with the Family You’ve Chosen

Are you surrounded by local friends, neighbors, or co-workers for the holidays? Do you miss the large family gatherings from your childhood? Learn ways to enjoy the holidays where you are with the people around you.


2019 In My Rearview and 2020 Before Me

During this group, we will reflect on the events of 2019 and create a vision for the upcoming year.

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