Weekend Premarital Classes Focused On Building Oneness with Other Couples

Pre-registration is required.

The upcoming 4-week class dates are below:

​Planning your wedding is fun, exciting, and stressful. Be sure to dedicate just as much time planning your future marriage as you do planning your wedding day.

During the Weekend Premarital classes, we will help you identify the tools to build oneness in your relationship. We will identify ways to stay connected, advance your communication and conflict resolution skills, explore boundaries and many more topics.

The Weekend pre-marriage courses are designed for 3 or more couples. Each class is 2-hours on each scheduled Saturday. Other premarital classes are 4-8 hours either in one session or spread over 2 consecutive weekends. Whether you are dating, engaged, or your wedding day is fast approaching, contact us to turn your dreams into reality!

Premarital Classes

Downtown Dallas


Premarital Classes


06/6 - 06/27/2020

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